Brewers Against Turbidity

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I’ve been talking about it for ages, and finally done it: created a card game for brewers.

I love playing Cards Against Humanity. The more random the response, the more I love it. It’s my favourite go-to game for any get together. But how much better would it be if we could play a brewing-themed version with our brewing friends? Our niche knowledge and shared experiences would make for some great combos. So, here it is: Brewers Against Turbidity.

That’s Turbidity – meaning the hazy, cloudy character of beer. Not Tubridy – the Irish talk show host (you would be amazed how much confusion this has caused in Ireland).

The project is live on Kickstarter until April 2, 2016. I have played the game now with a few of the professional and home brewers in the Irish craft beer scene, and it is very well received!

Everyone’s got that one card that always wins…




I’ve set a stretch goal of 1,500 so we can upgrade the quality of the card from regular smooth finish to linen finish. After playing in a beer soaked setting, I think the linen finish would be more durable. I can’t wait to have the decks printed and see people enjoying the game together.


Wedding Knitting

I have been looking at wedding dresses ever since we got engaged in July, and I finally found one I really loved. They happened to have some samples on sale at David’s Bridal, and I took the leap and ordered one. Even though David’s Bridal is in the US, and I am in Ireland, it was no problem having it shipped to me. It arrived last week and I was so excited to open it and try it on!

DSC_0438 Continue reading

Droughtlander Reading

If you’re like me you CAN’T WAIT for season 2 of Outlander. However, with a release date of Spring 2016, it will be a loooong wait. Like many, I’ve been thinking about Droughtlander reading, but I am always disappointed with the books that are recommended. It’s not enough to simply suggest a book that is also set in 18th Century Scotland with a hunky love interest. That is too close to Outlander, and the fact is nothing else could ever -be- Outlander. Instead, I have looked for books that carry some of the important themes that I enjoyed from the books. Continue reading

Garden Pickles

Some people have said this was a terrible summer. I didn’t find it that bad –  in fact I actually managed to get some cucumbers to grow! CucumbersI also grew some dill with the hopes that I would be able to make dill pickles. These are a little bit hard to find in Ireland. Sometimes you can find them in the Polish food sections, but generally stores only have “gherkins” which are really not the same. Continue reading

Book Launch Night

After months of hard work I can finally anounce the release of a new book of knitting patterns: These Islands: Knits from Ireland, Scotland, and Britain. This book was co-written with Suzanne McEndoo and Evin O’Keefe (winner of Ireland’s best craft blog in 2014).

This book features a number of knitting patterns that are knit with yarn from these islands. This means the sheep lived their lives in Ireland or the UK. The wool was shorn, spun, and dyed right here. This book is an extension of the ethos of Smudge Yarns to use wool that is as local as possible.

To celebrate we are hosting a Book Launch Night on April 9th. The event is graciously hosted by Knit, on Main Street in Midleton. Spaces are limited, so guests are invited to book tickets in advance. All ticket holders will be entered into a raffle to win a special craft hamper. This hamper includes some limited edition skeins of yarn and some delicious craft beers.