Garden Pickles

Some people have said this was a terrible summer. I didn’t find it that bad –  in fact I actually managed to get some cucumbers to grow! CucumbersI also grew some dill with the hopes that I would be able to make dill pickles. These are a little bit hard to find in Ireland. Sometimes you can find them in the Polish food sections, but generally stores only have “gherkins” which are really not the same.

PicklesI picked the cucmbers that were a decent size and cut some dill. I remember my mom canning pickles every summer. Her friend would come over with an entire cooler full of garden cucumbers and they would spend the day pickling.

RadishesWe also have a lot of radishes. A -lot- of radishes. This is part of our second crop of radishes so far this summer. There are still more in the garden that could grow a bit bigger. We have had to think of creative uses for these guys, so I figured I would try to pickle some.

SetupI looked up how to pickle and found this recipe useful. Basically, use equal parts water and cider vinegar, some salt, crushed garlic, and dill. I sterilized the jars first using Starsan (we also use this for brewing). I added crushed garlic, fresh ground pepper, and sprigs of dill to the jars before packing them with cucumber spears. After boiling the cider vinegar brine I poured it into the jars.

Pickled RadishesI also scrubbed the radishes clean and sliced them very thinly. I added a clove of crushed garlic, a small bit of dill, and 2 teaspoons of Aleppo Pepper. I then filled this with brine and sliced radishes, then tapped the jars on the counter to force airbubbles to the surface.

Pickled RadishesI then tightened the lids on the jars, and submerged them in boiling water for 5 minutes. I took them out and let them cool on the counter. As they cool the lids will snap down. This is how you know they are vaccum sealed, and they will keep for about a year.

JarsLeave the jars cool for 24 hours then store in a cool dry cupboard. If you see the garlic cloves has turned blue, don’t panic! Sometimes this happens due to the brine solution.


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