Droughtlander Reading

If you’re like me you CAN’T WAIT for season 2 of Outlander. However, with a release date of Spring 2016, it will be a loooong wait. Like many, I’ve been thinking about Droughtlander reading, but I am always disappointed with the books that are recommended. It’s not enough to simply suggest a book that is also set in 18th Century Scotland with a hunky love interest. That is too close to Outlander, and the fact is nothing else could ever -be- Outlander. Instead, I have looked for books that carry some of the important themes that I enjoyed from the books.

Although the love story between Jamie and Claire is wonderful, it’s just not enough. A romance novel is not what I’m after. There has to be more to the characters.

The love story is great, but I need a bit more of...

The love story is great, but I need a bit more of…

... competent women....

… competent women….

... who are a bit irreverent...

… who can be a bit irreverent…

... and don't take shit from anyone!

… and don’t take shit from anyone!

So, thus began my search for historical novels with strong female leads. They didn’t necessarily have to be set in Scotland. As the Outlander series moves on, I find myself really enjoying Jamie and Claire’s time building a new life in the North Carolina wilderness. Without further ado, here are my top picks for coping with Droughtlander:

Set during the American Revolution, this book follows the story of Lizzie, a talented midwife and healer. Throughout the book, Lizzie is involved in mystery and intrigue, and meets famous historical figures.

Common Theme: Strong woman healer making it in the New World.
This is the story of Emily, an American who moves to Scotland and finds a love interest.

Common Theme: Being in a strange place and feeling like a fish out of water.

This is the story of New York Irish immigrant Nancy. When her husband dies she decides to travel to Ireland to deal with the affairs of his family farm. While there she of course runs into her childhood sweetheart, and complications ensue.

Common Theme: A strong woman raising her children and then reconnecting with an old love.

Set during the Irish Potato Famine, this book follows the story of a young couple trying to make it against all odds.

Common Theme: Perseverance through horrible conditions and oppression.

What have you been reading as you wait for Season 2?


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