Wedding Knitting

I have been looking at wedding dresses ever since we got engaged in July, and I finally found one I really loved. They happened to have some samples on sale at David’s Bridal, and I took the leap and ordered one. Even though David’s Bridal is in the US, and I am in Ireland, it was no problem having it shipped to me. It arrived last week and I was so excited to open it and try it on!


I have to say the, picture on the website did not do the dress justice. There is so much lovely detail . The dress was true to size, and looks great.

So, now that I have the dress sorted, it’s time to get to work on my Shetland wedding ring shawl. These shawls are knit on fine cobweb yarn. Even though they are large shawls, they are so lightweight and delicate that they can be pulled through a wedding ring (thus the name “wedding ring shawl”). I found a supplier who sells an alpaca blend cobweb lace yarn. I will be dyeing the yarn in the color of my choice.

Originally I had my heart set on the Princess Shawl designed by Heirloom Knitting. However, this pattern is no longer available.

Princess Shawl

So, I have undertaken designing my own shawl. This is a big task since I have never knit this shape of shawl before. On top of it, Shetland shawls take a long time to make, so I imagine it will take all of my free time over the next 10 months.


Many of the wedding shawls I have seen are white. However, I don’t think you can really see the detail in a white shawl against a white dress. I have been debating what color to dye my yarn, and I think I would like it to complement my engagement ring, which is tanzanite.

Engagement Ring

Tanzanite Ring – from The Diamond Store

I have picked out some shades of blue which I hope will go well together. I don’t want it to be too purpley, but more royal blue, with even a hint of teal thrown in.

Shawl Color Palette

I have been looking at varous shades of blue for bridesmaid’s dresses. I am paricularly taken by this shade of dark blue/teal from Tulle and Chantilly.


Dresses from Tulle and Chantilly


EDIT: I have dyed my yarn! Now to get started on the design.

wedding arn


One thought on “Wedding Knitting

  1. Beautifully dyed wedding shawls are awesome! I got Felicia from Sweet Georgia to custom dye some yarn for me and it turned out amazing! I can’t wait to see your progress!


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